Will My Lady Love Me

Title: Will My Lady Love Me

Artist: Hugh Oliver

Category: Music Video


From the album “…And All That Crap”.


  • Director: Dave Howard
  • Produced by Marco DiFelice
  • Lyrics by Hugh Oliver.
  • Music by Michael “Rosie” Rosenthal, Hugh Oliver and Marco DiFelice

Filmmaker Bio:
Dave Howard aka The Dave Howard Singers is a seminal Canadian alternative rock group formed in Toronto in 1982 basically comprising of Dave Howard.

His musical inspirations widely range from Burt Bacharach to the more obscure like Suicide as well as film composers like John Barry and especially Bernard Hermann.

After a couple of years of developing his sound and style he relocated to London, England for the better part of a decade. Over these years, he released a number of recordings, was featured on many compilation LP’s, as well as British television appearances including Channel 4’s landmark music show ‘The Tube’. The video for his single ‘Yon Yonson’ was premiered on ITV’s Saturday morning flagship music programme ‘The Chart Show’. The D.H.S. recorded radio sessions for BBC’s Radio 1’s Janice Long and Liz Kershaw shows. An album entitled ‘It’s About Time’ was released in 1991. And in April 2007 he released a compilation CD of his first four EPs under the title of ‘What Your Girlfriend Threw Out, Or Your Friend Never Returned’

Dave also applied his skills to composing music for short films, documentaries and TV shows. As pop videos were created for the band he eventually included himself in the editing process and found that he enjoyed it. Clearly it was another form of creativity. Whether it’s editing visuals, audio or words as long as the material you are editing is good then it’s just a matter of having fun with the process. Directing pop videos seemed like a natural. “Will My Lady Love Me” for Hugh Oliver is his third pop video.

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